At the intersection of
God and Money

Are you turning onto God’s path, or just passing through?

Are you already on God’s path and want to stay there?

Get Started with your


At Coach God’s Money, assessment is the central theme.

Before you can start to make any changes, you have to know where you are today.  Then life will continue and you need to know where you are again.

Get into the habit of assessing your money life to get to your intersection of God and Money.


Where should you begin?

1. Track your credit score — This assessment is updated continually and is used regularly.

2. Organize your money life — Before you can start making any changes, you must know where you are right now.

With your email address you will receive, free of charge

1. Guide to Understanding Your Credit Score — I’ll teach you how it is calculated, where to find it, how to interpret it and common misconceptions about credit scores. You will want to keep this guide handy as you assess monthly.

2. Organizing Your Money email course — Every few days you will receive an email from me with a task that should take between 15 and 30 minutes to complete. At the end of the course you will have a full picture of your money. Oh, and I will introduce you to free online tool that can automate some of this information in the future.


I have always been a student of money. When I was 16 I saw the movie Wall Street, came home and asked my Dad when I could start to buy stocks. I headed off to the University of Illinois to study Finance and looked forward to a career at a bank, or maybe a brokerage house. That dream came true when. . .

“If you see your money as God’s and not yours, then you start to see your whole life as following God.” — Joel Eggerding


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