If you see your money as God’s and not yours, then you start to see your whole life as following God.

About Me


Hi, I’m Joel and I’m glad you found your way to this site.

Money is a complicated subject. So is God.

Together they can have a large impact on your personal and spiritual life.

My Money Life

I have always been a student of money. When I was 16 I saw the movie Wall Street, came home and asked my Dad when I could start to buy stocks. I headed off to the University of Illinois to study Finance and looked forward to a career at a bank, or maybe a brokerage house.

That dream came true when I started at Northern Trust in Chicago in a development program where for two years I had 3 month assignments to quickly learn the business and move up into the executive ranks.

I had a variety of jobs at Northern Trust , but most of them were working with technology to deliver information to clients so they could make informed decisions.

In 2011, with my oldest son entering Kindergarten, my commute to the city interfered with dropping him off at school.  In hindsight, I wish I could say my wife and I prayerfully considered a solution, but at that time I was doing things on my own.  After all this is my money life.  I left the corporate world and started a money coaching business called Coach Your Money.

I work directly with people to help them assess their finances and create a plan to help them feel better about their money.

I love the work, but it takes brave people to admit they need help and hire me.


My God Life

There has never been a time in my life that I have not known God. I was raised in a family where going to Church and Sunday School was our routine.

When I graduated college, and migrated to Chicago, I never found a church I liked, so my routine changed, but I always knew God.

Working alone on my new business, I never realized how lonely I had become. I saw a note in the church bulletin about a group of men that meet at Pastor Jason Pankau’s house on Monday nights.  I went and I was shocked. There were 15-20 men talking about their lives and their faith and praying together. I had never experienced this before and I felt my faith awaken. I went home that night and my wife asked me how it went.  I told her, “I have no idea what just happened, but I am going back next week.”

My discipleship journey grew with the Monday night group.  I got to know Jason and his organization, Life Spring Network.  He asked me to be on the board and then hired me on staff.  I currently coach Pastors to implement discipleship holistically in their church.

As my walk with God strengthened, I enrolled in the C.S. Lewis Institute Fellows’s program.  I am in the midst of this one year journey where my faith continues to grow as I learn obedience to Jesus Christ.


My Intersection

In 2016 I felt the tug of God to combine my two passions.  I was helping a new money coaching client who was going through a difficult money situation.  At one point all I wanted to tell her was that God still loved her and wants the best for her.  However, I did not think I had the authority to to say that as my Money Life and God life were separate.  Right then and there I realized I was at an intersection.  Did I want to stop for a moment and pass through, or did I want to find and stay on God’s path? I think you know the answer.  I am staying on God’s path so I can help you at your intersection to find and stay on the path God has for you.